Global Health Pandemic Effects: Coping with Stress


For almost two years now, the COVID-19 pandemic has had major effects on our lives – more than just our physical health. The virus and its effects brought several personal challenges that resulted in overwhelming feelings and emotions, including anxiety, fear, and stress. Yes, the social distancing protocols and other isolation measures are effective in reducing the spread of the virus, but it induces feelings of loneliness, sadness, anxiety, and stress.

Nowadays, it is important that we also look after our mental health. With the isolation measures in place, several operations have shifted into the online world, including online psychiatry services. And these are vital in today’s situation. Thus, let us work hand in hand in coping with the stress and challenges brought about by the pandemic together. Here are a few healthy ways to cope with stress and other mental health issues.

  • Eating healthy and well-balanced meals, drinking plenty of water, and getting enough rest every day;
  • Taking deep breaths, breaks, and meditations from time to time;
  • Doing exercises and physical activities daily;
  • Following health and safety protocols;
  • Connecting with peers and loved ones online

If you feel overwhelmed, do not hesitate to consult and avail of telepsychiatry and mobile mental health services as soon as you can.

Prudent Telepsychiatry Care is a provider of excellent telehealth services in Paramount City, California. We strive to bridge the gap and give access to mental health services online to provide cost-effective care that is accessible to all.

Let us go through these trying times together and take care of our mental health by seeking the expertise of professionals. For telepsychiatry services in California, feel free to connect with us. Call us and schedule an appointment today.

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