Signs and Treatments for Drug Overdose


August 31st is International Overdose Awareness Day — recognized worldwide as a day to raise awareness of drug overdoses and lessen the stigma surrounding drug-related deaths.

Today, we at Prudent Telepsychiatry Care— a licensed provider of professional telepsychiatry services in California — are sharing with you the common signs of drug overdose and the treatment options available for patients.

What Is a Drug Overdose?

A drug overdose (OD) is a condition of taking a larger dose of a certain drug than the body can handle. OD can happen accidentally, even when a drug is prescribed by a licensed physician. Or it can happen deliberately, as a suicide attempt.
Signs of Drug Overdose

Depending on the type of drug that is consumed, the signs and symptoms that appear may vary. It’s not always easy to discern overdose, but the most common indications include:

  • Deviations from normal body temperature (e.g., hyperthermia/hypothermia)
  • Passing out or an unresponsive loss of consciousness
  • Skin color changes
  • Abnormal breathing
  • Fast, slowed, or irregular pulse

Treatment Options

In most cases, patients who experience overdose are people who have previously had substance abuse problems. If you or your loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, it’s best to enter a treatment facility where you’ll be treated and carefully monitored to ensure your recovery.

Online Psychiatry Services may be able to help, too.

Professional telepsychiatry and mobile mental health have seen a rise in subscribers, especially during the heigh of the pandemic, when more people were in need of mental health advice and assistance due to the pressure and fear induced by the global health crisis.

If you wish to learn more about telehealth services in Paramount City, California, we would be more than happy to help.

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